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Rosenblum Cellars Appellation Series Heritage Clone Petite Sirah, SF Bay

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The individual vineyards were harvested and fermented separately. The wines were aged as separate lots before being blended. To add character and nuance, this wine benefited from Rosenblum Cellars’ cutting edge barrel and yeast programs. Once blended, the wines aged without racking again until bottling. For this wine Rosenblum Cellars applied a very gentle, hands-off approach to the winemaking. We find the less we work on certain wines, the more we get out of them.

Tasting Notes

This wine exhibits great color with a bouquet and flavors of ripe blackberries, plums, chocolate, black pepper, violets and spice. Contra Costa will soon be known as the Mecca for Petite Sirah. This wine is amazing both in aromatics and flavors, not to mention the color, which is jet black.

Food Pairings

The perfect wine for hearty fare such as mixed sausage ragu, barbecue smoked prime rib, leg of lamb on a bed of thyme, or a good old-fashioned pot roast.