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Brand: Smithwick's® Ale
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From a spirited people who take their beer more seriously than themselves comes Smithwick’s.\r\n\r\nBorn from no-nonsense roots, the brand personifies the Irish - a boisterous people, they are full of perspective and humility - taking a purposeful approach to living, never getting caught up in the trappings of pretense or excess. \r\n\r\nThe Irish have brewed Smithwick’s the same way at St. Francis Abbey for nearly 300 years…leaving it untarnished by the frivolities of today’s tinkering. Smithwick’s is, quite simply, great tasting ale. \r\n\r\nJohn Smithwick got it right the first time, and The Irish have known well enough to leave a great thing be, remaining devoted to the traditional brewing methods that have yielded the same superior ale since 1710. Balanced. Smooth. Sparkling Red with a tight creamy white head.\r\n\r\nSmithwick’s is rooted, and no-nonsense. Despite its greatness, the Irish have never bragged or put Smithwick’s on a pedestal. Instead, they have remained quietly confident in their brewing and dedicated to the traditional brewing process. It’s a modest and an understated classic among the people that know beer best.\r\n\r\nIreland’s oldest ale is now available in America. And with their first pint, Americans will discover what the Irish have known since 1710.