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Talisker Distillers Edition

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Talisker® Distillers Edition

TALISKER® Distillers Edition

The Distillers Edition of Talisker is double-matured in Amoroso cask wood, with its rich fruit sweetness expertly selected to complement the powerful, peaty, peppery character of Talisker. The result paints a richer picture, with a rounder palate.


Number of Servings

  • 1.25  oz.

    Talisker® Distillers Edition

How to Mix

Glass: Rocks Glass

  1. Appearance: Chestnut brown Nose: Sweet, peat-smoke with distinctive cocoa and vanilla flavors Body: Full and bold Palate: Sweet malt with a heathery dryness accompanied by dark chocolate, smoke, a hint of vanilla and subtle sherry notes Finish: A chewable