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5 tips for hosting a memorable party

Whether you're hosting an elegant cocktail party or laidback get-together, check out these five tips and tricks for hosting, from drink tips to appetizers.

Patio Party Birthday Enjoyed Cocktail Kit 0179

How good is that feeling? When you’ve got your favorite people over for dinner or a get-together, the good vibes are flowing and there’s a sense of excitement in the air. But throwing any party always comes with some pressure. Making sure the cocktails are tasty, the energy is right, and everyone is vibing takes a lot of time and can be hard to pull off. That’s why we’ve put together 5 simple tips and tricks to level up your party, so you can have as much fun as everyone else. Here’s how to get the party started...

Tip 1

Batch Your Cocktails

No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen for long, slaving over cocktails. That's why the key ingredient when hosting a party is batching. Prep all serves the night before, so you have more time to celebrate with your guests. You can multiply the quantities in most cocktail recipes to create a batch version. If in doubt, always increase your batch cocktail with more mixers. Punch is always a sippable hit for any occasion. It can be chilled in advance, served in large quantities and poured into pitchers or bowls for guests to self-serve throughout the night.

Tip 2

Get creative with your garnish

Sure, you want your cocktails to taste good, but they need to smell and look good too. The goal is to serve cocktails that will impress your guests and get all the likes on the 'gram. Take a classic G&T from simple to wow by infusing the gin and creating unique garnishes on the cheap. If you've got fresh mint sitting in the fridge or garden, use a wooden spoon to mash up the leaves. That leftover cucumber you know you won't use, dig out your vegetable peeler and create thin slices to use as a garnish. Or gather any flowers from your garden and make pretty ice cubes. Get creative. Experiment with it. Have fun. There are no rules. Want to add more fun and excitement to your party? Set up a DIY garnish bar with various fresh fruits, herbs, and other ingredients for guests to customize their drinks.

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Tip 3

Impress with glassware

Never underestimate the importance of barware and tableware when throwing a party. Going all out with the fine details will definitely get everyone talking. Plus, getting creative with glassware and tableware is so much fun. Try serving your cocktails in uniquely colored glassware.

Tip 4

The finishing touches

The most memorable parties are never just about the cocktails. Think of the theme, have fun with it and then think of those extra finishing touches such as lighting, decorations and music. Make sure you have a quality playlist ready to go. You can ask your guests to add to the playlist ahead of the party. Think of it as the playlist of all playlists. One that captures the night perfectly and you and your guests will want to listen to it days, weeks, and months after the party is over to remember how amazing the night was.


Tip 5

Palate cleansers

A good spread goes a long way. Whether it's just small bites, a bit of everything or a big feast. Serve food that complements your cocktails. Charcuterie boards were made for sharing, IRL and on Instagram, and they pair well with G&T as the gin emphasizes the floral notes of the cheeses, with the bitterness of the tonic cleansing the palate. Likewise, rich meats go well with Old Fashioned cocktails. When in doubt, stick to classic pairings like a shrimp cocktail with a vodka martini. Remember, you will need to ensure the vegans, gluten-free and dairy-free people in your crew are also covered.

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