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How Many Cocktails Can You Make with One Bottle? A Guide to the Value of Hosting at Home

Inviting friends over for a get-together is a great way to reconnect and catch up. It's also a good way to save money if you're trying to stay on a budget. Bars and restaurants are fun, but they can get pricey. The bottom line? Whether you're holding a happy hour at home or pairing cocktails and dinner, there's a lot of value to be had with just one bottle of liquor.

One 750 ml bottle of liquor makes about 17 drinks, and no other spirit has the versatility of vodka. It has no taste or odour, which makes it easy to prepare with mixers. A bottle of vodka can be used to make simple drinks like a Screwdriver or sophisticated cocktails like Martinis, Cosmos or punches.

Like vodka, gin can be melded with everyday mixers. Mix gin with grapefruit juice to make a Greyhound or with tonic water for a Tanqueray & Tonic. Mixing it with a range of juices and sodas allows you to create a wider array of drinks. 

What drinks can I make with Smirnoff® No. 21 Vodka?

What drinks can I make with Tanqueray® London Dry Gin?

People tend to associate tequila with Margaritas, but this Mexican spirit can also mingle well with cola or ginger ale. Try mixing tequila with orange juice and cranberry juice to enjoy a Tequila Sunrise. Rum, which is commonly associated with tropical drinks, can be mixed with a variety of juices or sodas. A Barbados Punch, a Hurricane, and a Captain & Cola are all prepared with juice or soda mixers.

What drinks can I make with Captain Morgan® Original Spiced Rum?

Even a bottle of liqueur can move beyond its realm as a "dessert" spirit. Lively cocktails with the liqueur include the Baileys Shiver, the Baileys Martini and Baileys on the Rocks.

What drinks can I make with Baileys® Original Irish Cream Liquor?