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Bar Rescue Picks

Try some of our personal favorites.

Episode 322

Taste the cocktails from this zombie themed bar and grill in Las Vegas.

Episode 323

Try out some great cocktails from this family run Las Vegas bar that has bacon everything!

Episode 324

Some of the cocktail recipes that helped put an off-track Vegas motorsports bar back on the map.

Episode 325

Try your hand at the recipes that helped turn around this Southern watering hole.

Episode 326

The Bar Rescue creations behind the transformation of this golf-themed bar in Tennessee.

Episode Hurricane Sandy Relief

Show your support with a Brothers in Arms or Rockaway Resilience.

Episode 328

Mix up your own rendition of the drinks made by the bunny bartenders in this Missouri sports bar.

Episode 329

Channel twin egos and strong flavors with these Kansas City cocktail recipes.

Episode 330

Try your hand at these Kansas-style, members only, and completely raccoon-free cocktail recipes.

Episode 331

The Irish sports bar takeover resolved with some hardcore diplomacy and the help of these cocktail recipes.

Episode 332

Not all hookah bars have cocktails like these. Sample some of our favorites.

Episode 334

Try the cocktail recipes that helped settle long-running disputes at this family-run bar.

Episode 335

The Bar Rescue mixologists created these cocktails to bring sinking staff back from the edge.

Episode 336

Shake, stir, and enjoy these cocktails from Taffer and celebrity guest Maria Menounos.

Episode 337

Make your own Texas biker bar at home with these Bar Rescue cocktail classics.

Episode 338

Show your creative muscle by recreating these Houston-inspired cocktails.

Episode 339

Turn your patio into a Texas dive with these southern-inspired cocktails.

The Mixology Collection Videos

The Bar Rescue Mixologists show you how to make the prefect drink for any occasion.