Stanley Tuccis Signature Perfect TEN Martini
Gin Recipe

Tanqueray Perfect TEN Martini

The classic gin martini gets a modern twist with this cocktail recipe featuring Tanqueray No. TEN.

Time to make: 10 minutesServes: 1
Stanley Tuccis Signature Perfect TEN Martini

Why is it called a perfect ten drink?

Elevate the classic martini and give it a modern makeover with Tanqueray Perfect TEN and a grapefruit twist.

The "Perfect TEN" martini, made with Tanqueray No. Ten gin, is not necessarily named after the gin itself. Instead, the name refers to the idea of creating a perfect, exceptional drink, made with top-shelf gin and high-quality ingredients. The use of "Ten" in the name is a play on words, suggesting that this martini is a perfect "ten" in terms of its quality and flavor.

Tanqueray No. Ten is a premium gin known for its smooth and balanced flavor profile, making it a popular choice for crafting high-quality martinis of the most delicious taste! Using Tanqueray No. Ten in a martini is a way to elevate the overall quality of the cocktail, hence the name "Perfect TEN" martini.