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The perfect St. Patrick’s Day cocktail & food pairings

Make this St. Patrick's Day one for the books. We ventured to the end of the rainbow for this cocktail and food pairing gold to elevate the festivities.

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Put down the green beer — we can do better this Saint Paddy's day. For a bit of sophistication, we recommend this take on an Old Fashioned instead. This bold cocktail plays on the pairing of Irish whiskey and coffee, and is flavorful enough to pair with a St. Patrick’s Day feast.   

And speaking of feasting, we have a few ideas on what to make this year besides corned beef and cabbage, too. 

The cocktail

The food pairings

Roe & Co Whiskey with food


This side dish typically combines mashed potatoes with Savoy cabbage. To make it, prepare mashed potatoes as you traditionally would, then sauté some leeks or onions with garlic in a large pan. Add the cabbage until wilted, then serve.


Irish Soda Bread

Part dessert loaf, part breakfast bread, this Saint Patrick’s Day classic pairs perfectly with coffee liquor. It combines buttermilk with flour and baking soda, and you can easily add raisins or dried currants for extra sweetness.



Boxty is a classic dish in Ireland, made by combining mashed potatoes with fresh grated potatoes in flour, then pan-fried, almost like a potato pancake. They were once served around Halloween, when potatoes were particularly plentiful, but today are a common staple in many Irish homes. (They’re also great for pairing with eggs and bacon!)


Beef & Guinness Stew

Guinness is a mainstay in Ireland — and not only for drinking. The classic stout is a common ingredient in many recipes, but few are as recognizable as a classic beef and Guinness stew. Plus, it’s perfect for a chilly, end-of-winter day.


Chocolate Stout Cake

A stout like Guinness can find its way into desserts, too, especially chocolate ones. This cake doubles down on the Irish ingredients with Bailey’s Irish Cream, making for a decadent dessert.

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