RARE designed by Suchi Reddy


RARE designed by Suchi Reddy

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Designed by artist and architect Suchi Reddy in collaboration with Mortlach by Design, this precious object was crafted to elevate the whiskey drinking experience, serving as a vessel to hold a glass and incense paper. RARE creates an ambiance to complement the complexity of Mortlach. Exclusively available for purchase on The Bar.

A carved base made of tiger's eye, a precious stone that matches the amber color of the whiskey as light passes through it, with a copper overlay, recalls the copper stills in which Mortlach is distilled, sits within, and cradles incense paper, laced with notes of cedar, clove, and tobacco.

  • Includes one coaster and incense paper
  • Please drink responsibly
  • Only share to legal drinking age

Materials & Care

Materials: Tiger Stone, Copper, Incense Paper.

Care: Clean the ashes with water or remove ashes with a non-flammable wipe. Remove the copper ring to enjoy the object as a coaster for a glass of your favorite Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whiskey.

Size & Dimensions

• Coaster: 4” in diameter and about 1-1.5” in height
• Innermost Circle on Coaster: Can fit a 2” diameter shot glass, and the overall opening can fit up to a 3” diameter glass
• Incense Paper: 2.5” in diameter

Mortlach Suchi Reddi
PLACEHOLDER Mortlach By Design

About Suchi Reddy

Suchi Reddy is an artist, architect, and founder of Reddymade, a design and public art practice based in New York City.

Suchi founded Reddymade in 2002 with an approach to design that privileges the emotional quality of human engagement with space. Guided by her mantra “form follows feeling,” Reddy’s architectural and artistic practice is informed by her research at the intersection of neuroscience and the arts. Working towards a larger idea of “design justice,” she is dedicated to expanding our notions of empathy, equity, and agency—where the importance of design is recognized as an asset for the benefit of all, not just for some.

Mortlach by Design

Recognizing that it takes a certain kind of person to see things differently and be bold enough to bring them into existence, Mortlach established a platform in 2022 to celebrate its origins connected to design and engineering.

Inspired by the six stills, Mortlach By Design brought together six designers from different disciplines to create six unique products or experiences unique to Mor tlach, dropped at specific moments over the course of the year.

Scent and Stone

Enhancing the experience of Mortlach through scent.

Drinking ritual and longevity. A ritual that pairs the scent and taste of whiskey with notes of sage or spent match scented incense paper.

An object of longevity, the incense holder functions as a coaster with a life after burning incense. 

Mortlach Suchi Reddi Group (1)

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