Sombra Mezcal Ensamble


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Sombra Ensamble is a limited-edition blend of mezcals distilled from wild Tepeztate and Tobalá agaves harvested from high in the Oaxacan Sierra. Recognizing wild and rare precious resources, only 2,000 bottles were created.

This special blend of Ensamble Mezcal is made from 61% Tepeztate, part of the agave Marmorata family. The elusive Tepeztate can take as much as 25 years to mature in the wild, and grows primarily on the sides of steep rocky cliffs. Because of its wild and rare nature we must take care not to overharvest as to ensure the future of this beautiful plant.

Tobala agave makes up 39% of Ensamble and is part of the agave Potatorum family. Tobala grows in the wild at high altitudes for 12-15 years, and because of its relatively small size yields intensely aromatic but extremely limited quantities of mezcal. Unlike most other agave, Tobala can grow from seed and Sombra has taken care to plant 20,000 Tobala agave this year.

Each bottle of Sombra Ensamble is packaged in a luxury gift box with an informational booklet and a hand-numbered card.

Bottle size: 750ml

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