Maison Balzac

Dotdot Bowl, Smoke & Blue

Maison Balzac

Dotdot Bowl, Smoke & Blue

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The perfect accent dish, the Dotdot Bowl is expertly handcrafted from transparent grey and milky blue borosilicate glass. The juxtaposition of this bowl's classic shape with oversized, colorful handles adds a punch of personality to every tabletop. Fill it with cocktail garnishes, candies, snacks and more.

Materials & Care

Materials: Glass

Care Instructions: Hand wash only

Size & Dimensions

1.96" x 5.12"

Country of Origin


Table with corn glassware and don julio tequila
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Meet our Makers

Inspired by pure imagination and nostalgia, Australian brand Maison Balzac designs and creates beautiful, artfully made objects for the home, including playful and delicate glassware, intriguing candles and unconventional objects. Made with the finest materials, every item is an homage to founder and designer Elise Pioch's childhood in the South of France.

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