Nude Big Top High Ball Glass

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A modern twist on the traditional high ball, this set of NUDE Big Top High Ball Glasses are designed in collaboration with London-based Youmeus Design and handmade using lead-free crystal. Inspired by the playful charisma of the circus, each piece features a minimalist silhouette and etched raised linear pattern. Perfect for everyday use and for cocktails on the rocks.

Set of four handmade etched lead-free crystal high ball glasses designed in collaboration with London-based Youmeus Design.

Meet Our Makers

Guided by the principle that Less is More and that Form is best when it meets Function, NUDE is a collection of blown, pressed, or press-blown lead-free crystal glassware designed in collaboration with acclimaged designers and artists and made in Instanbul by Master blowers. Made with lead-free crystal glass, NUDE prides itself on refined, highly durable glassware that brings out the full colours and textures of the best wines, champagnes and liquors.

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