When it comes to holiday gifting, cocktail lovers may seem easy to shop for — until you’re questioning whether they enjoy vodka or gin in their martinis or prefer bourbon to Scotch whiskey. So rather than crossing your fingers and just wrapping up any bottle, we’re suggesting a more nuanced approach this season: give them a gift that aligns not only with their tastes, but also their personalities, too. Whether they’re the first to offer up their place for an impromptu get-together or can’t resist sipping al fresco, we’ve rounded up our best cocktail-themed gift ideas below.

Be it after an all-day hike through the woods or just an afternoon lazing in the park, these folks prefer to toast outside. A woven picnic basket with outdoor dining essentials for two will surely get them excited for their next scenic day trip. A tartan, sustainable picnic blanket with weather-resistant backing will keep them comfy while they sip on easy-to-pack, pre-mixed cocktail kits or whatever they want to mix up and bring along in a chic ceramic flask.

Maybe they have a collection of mint, basil and lemon verbena growing on the windowsill, so they’re never without fresh herbs for their cocktails. Or, maybe the last time you got together for drinks, they beamed while showing off pics of their pothos plant’s new leaf. No matter what kind of plants they care for, celebrate their green thumb with an adorable handmade glass pitcher set adorned with cacti, a rose mold ice tray that’s perfect for their next garden party, or a collection of Ketel One Botanicals to remind them of their garden’s freshness all winter long.

While most would feel overwhelmed at the idea of having eight friends over for dinner on a Thursday, there are some who make it look easy. They’re the type who always have the correct glassware for serving crowd-pleasing cocktails (not to mention the tools to pull them off!) and can pull together a cheese plate that’s worthy of an in-feed Instagram post in no time. Gift them a seasonally flavored cocktail kit, so they’re ready to celebrate and can offer their guests their preferred libation to ring in the New Year. Of course, champagne saucers are some of the most versatile (not to mention pretty!) cocktail glasses around and a bold green pitcher is perfect for their famous batch mojito recipe.

Whether you’re buying for your father-in-law or a friend who has refined taste, an enthusiast who orders their spirit of choice neat can be downright daunting to shop for. (These folks usually know their stuff, and have strong opinions about it.) This amber smoke rocks glass set from Estelle will look stunning on their home bar cart, especially when paired with this matching decanter. If you feel confident enough to gift a bottle, Oban 14-Year-Old Single Malt is a mid-priced, full-bodied Scotch whiskey boasting fig, honey and oak flavors, as well as a bit of sea salt that will transport them to the Highlands.

Summer 2022 may have been the dirty martini’s moment in the spotlight, but for the die-hard fans this was just the season they let everyone in on their well-kept secret. Dirty martinis are refined but loose; elevated, but down to party – and this napkin set establishes the same vibe. The asymmetrical rim on this martini glass is specifically designed to enhance the experience of enjoying a martini, and it will make their next pour easy to balance, while a bottle of Aviation “Home School Edition” will have even vodka devotees interested in making the switch. (This craft gin’s main highlight is a balanced blend of botanicals so it won’t overpower the olive brine.) A classic bottle of Tanqueray No. TEN or Ketel One is always needed for their bar cart, while this set of tools is perfect for stirring up their next martini at home – because yes, martinis should always be stirred, not shaken.

Just because someone isn’t drinking alcohol doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a cocktail. Non-alcoholic cocktails are becoming especially popular with sober crowds and cocktail enthusiasts alike. With Dry January right around the corner, they’ll especially appreciate this Espresso MartiNO Cocktail Kit, which comes with everything they’ll need to mix up a batch of the trendy cocktail at home, but with Seedlip Spice 94, rather than vodka. This Apple Highball Cocktail Kit is also perfectly flavored for chilly winter days, thanks to the combination of apple juice and maple syrup with Seedlip Garden 108. A calming blue set of cocktail glasses will elevate their zero-proof options too, and this serving bowl with matching blue handles will be perfect for nuts or dips alongside them.

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