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3 ways to celebrate Cinco De Mayo & the start of al fresco season

From cocktail recipes to entertaining and hosting tips, discover three ways to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and the start of summer.

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Memorial Day may still mark the unofficial start of summer, but we’re advocating for making Cinco De Mayo the unofficial start of “al fresco” season. After a long winter, soaking up the sunshine with a cocktail in hand is especially sweet, so why not get an early start? Below, we’ve rounded up three simple ways to kick-off Cinco De Mayo and better weather, including a margarita you’ll want to sip all season long.

Get your outdoor space guest-ready

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a backyard patio, or you make the most of a fire escape, take the time to clean off any outdoor seating. That could mean power washing larger pieces, or just putting poufs and pillows in the wash. Invest in some simple outdoor lighting (even candles can set a great mood for an outdoor dinner!) or make sure your existing decor is all in working order. This way, if the weather is nice, you can pop outside without having a project to do first.  

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Level up an al fresco taco night

You 100% should fire up the grill — but not for burgers and hot dogs. Tacos are the move, especially for Cinco De Mayo, and getting the fillings charred up on the grill is especially tasty. First, start with your corn tortillas: just give them a quick minute or two to char up on the grill. For proteins, you can fire up flank steak, chicken, shrimp or grilled corn mixed with black beans. You can even grill up tomatillos, onions and chiles for fresh salsa verde with a deep, smoky flavor at home. Of course, don’t forget the fixings: fresh radishes, cilantro, onions and cucumber will be perfectly light in warmer temps — with plenty of crema, spicy salsa and queso fresco to top with.  

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Mix a margarita you’ll pour all season long

Once there is any sign of a warm breeze in the air, you’ll want to start mixing up summery margs. This Casa Tropicál Passionfruit Margarita celebrates Cinco De Mayo and the coming of al fresco season with a tropical twist on the classic margarita. Agave notes from Casamigos Tequila Blanco are met with a touch of light smoke from Casamigos Mezcal, then are blended with ripe tropical flavors — resulting in a margarita recipe that you’ll be serving all summer long.  


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