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Thanksgiving cocktails to pair with every course

Looking for some Thanksgiving cocktail ideas to impress your guests? Check out these five options that will add some flair to your Friendsgiving gathering.

Thanksgiving Cocktails Header

The turkey, sides and pies always take center stage at Thanksgiving, whether you’re gathering with friends or family. That doesn’t mean you have to put away your cocktail shaker and pull out a few bottles of wine instead. Cocktails and spirits can certainly have a place at your table, too. And we created Thanksgiving cocktail recipes and pours that perfectly pair with every course to truly mix things up this year.   

A drink with dessert

You can’t have dessert without coffee, especially on Thanksgiving. Instead of breaking out the French press, lean into a classy and sweet treat: an espresso martini. This one features Baileys Original Irish Cream, making it the ideal complement for apple and pumpkin pies. 

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