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This International Women's month, we invite you to meet our makers. From master blenders and glassware experts to spirit aficionados turned founders, let's celebrate our female innovators. 

Lorena Vasquez, Master Blender of Zacapa Rum

Holding the title of Master Blender for over 35 years, Lorena Vasquez was the first female to take on the title at Zacapa. She began her career in quality control and honed in on the technical aspects of creating Zacapa's signature flavors. Lorena Vasquez is largely credited with making Zacapa the premium spirit is it today.

Lorena Vasquez

Dr. Emma Walker, Master Blender of Johnnie Walker

The first female blender in Johnnie Walker's 200 year history. Dr. Emma Walker worked as process chemist after completing her PhD and soon sought out role that married her passion for flavor with her background in science. Emma created several award-winning innovations, including the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare series.

Diageo Whiskey Emma Be 0292

Stephanie Summerson Hall, Founder & CEO of Estelle Glassware

A lawyer turned entrepreneur, Stephanie Summerson Hall created a global glassware collection rooted in creating and celebrating special moments. Estelle's namesake comes from Stephanie's grandmother who had a love for antiques and vintage treasures.

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Carin Luna-Ostaseski, Founder of SIA Scotch

Finding a gap in the market for an ultra-premium yet affordable and approachable scotch whisky, Carin Luna-Ostaseski set out to fill the void and created the award-winning SIA Scotch.

SIA Mar2021 EDIT1 3808

Nicole Austin, Master Distiller of George Dickel

A chemical engineer-turned-whiskey master, Nicole Austin began defining her craft in 2010. A recipient of multiple awards, including distiller of the year, Nicole's storied career is attributed to tenacity. From selling and delivering cases to working at both small and massive distilleries, Nicole has done it all to make it happen. "Women need to be visible, that lets other people know there is a place for you."

DSC 8192 (1)

Kate Hersh, Founder of August Morgan

What started as an obsession with needle point pillows has evolved into a budding enterprise for Kate Hersh. Whimsical and vintage inspired, Kate's cocktail napkins are true conversation starters. Her secret behind her signature squares? "I usually come up with my napkin ideas at night over a cocktail, naturally."

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Kat Hantas, Nicole Emanuel & Sarika Singh, Co-founders of 21Seeds

21Seeds was born in Kat Hantas' kitchen, where she used fresh fruits and other simple ingredients to create what would become an award-winning tequila. Combined with her sister Nicole Emanuel's background in media and Sarika Singh's experience with culinary innovation, the three women created a quality tequila brand where they call the shots.

21Seeds Infused Tequila Founders F22 Q1 3600X2400

Ann Soh Woods, Founder of Kikori Whiskey

A rice whiskey pioneer with a strong affinity for Japanese culture and food, Ann Soh Woods founded the acclaimed Kikori Whiskey in 2015. 

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